The Preparatory Cycle for Engineering Studies in UAS

The preparatory cycle for engineering studies is dedicated to baccalaureate holders (high school degree). Its purpose is to provide a curriculum in several specializations in order to prepare students for the engineering school.

The multidisciplinary training during the preparatory cycle allows students to acquire effective working methods as well as all the knowledge and skills expected from engineers: analytical thinking, written and oral communication skills applied to a scientific background in several languages

The preparatory cycle is based on various teaching and evaluation methods (whole class or small group courses, labs, supervised homework and oral tests), thereby focusing on the group and individualized follow-up and supervised work.The cycle benefits from the university’s modern infrastructure, specialized laboratories and experienced teaching staff.

The preparatory cycle also allows students to sit for many examinations to enter engineering schools either in Tunisia or abroad. Moreover, students have the possibility to continue their studies after the preparatory cycle at our university in the engineering specialty of their choice.

The preparatory classes offer 4 specializations:

  • Maths-Physics
  • Chemistry-Physics
  • Technology
  • Biology and Geology.