The Arab University of Sciences (UAS) is a major player in private higher education in Tunisia. It consists of two university institutions: the Private Higher School of Engineering and Technological Studies of Tunis (ESIET) and the Faculty of Legal, Social, Economic and Management Sciences of Tunis (FSEG). UAS vision is to offer its students the highest level of education quality. To achieve this vision, UAS adopts a policy of continuous self-improvement, aims to satisfy all its partners and efficiently use the available resources. ISO 9001 certification was incorporated in 2018.

Our mission :

Actively contribute to building a knowledge-based society that values ​​initiative and innovation, quality and skills.

Our values ​​:

  • Compliance with law and regulations
  • Equity, transparency and promotion of diversity
  • The esteem and respect for our students
  • Productive collaboration with all our internal and external partners
  • Social responsibility and commitment to sustainable development

At UAS, we have been working towards a Quality approach which aims to implement our vision while considering our values. This approach reflects our permanent commitment to comply with the applicable requirements and to continuously improve our quality management system.

The quality policy of the UAS consists of the following main strategic axes:

  • Work towards increasing the satisfaction of our students
  • Enhance the performance of our processes and control of our operations
  • Consolidate our competitive positioning
  • Improve our compliance with regulations and legal requirements of higher education

We are committed to apply the measures put in place, to review the relevance and effectiveness of our quality management system on a regular basis, and to provide the necessary means to achieve the expected objectives

The Founding President

Professor Mourad Ben TURKIA