Technology Bachelors at UAS

UAS is esteemed for its openness to the industry and the international environment.

It has therefore established constructive relations with the largest Tunisian companies in different economic sectors facilitating internships for students and the employability of its graduates. It has also maintained long term cooperation with renowned foreign universities allowing the pursuit of studies abroad.

UAS is entitled to deliver the following applied bachelor degrees and master degrees in:

  • Bachelor in Computer Networks
  • Bachelor in Computer Science
  • Bachelor in industrial computer science
  • Bachelor in electromechanics
  • Bachelor in civil engineering
  • Bachelor in Electronics-Electrotechnical-Automation (EEA)
  • Professional Master in Electrical Systems Control

To carry out these programs, UAS relies on its modern infrastructure, specialized labs and computer centers. In addition, UAS not only has highly qualified permanent teachers but also relies on professionals to complement the education of its students.

Bachelor and master graduates have no difficulty to be hired
but could also pursue an engineering degree in one of the specializations provided by the UAS.