Strategic orientation

ESIET-UAS has set itself the main mission to actively contribute to building a knowledge-based society that values ​​initiative and innovation, quality and skills.

ESIET-UAS values

ESIET-UAS works to fulfill its mission while referring to the following values:

  • Compliance with law and regulations
  • Fairness, transparency and respect for diversity
  • The esteem and respect of our students
  • Fruitful collaboration with all our internal and external partners
  • Social responsibility and commitment to sustainable development

 The strategic axes of ESIET-UAS

The strategic axes related to the mission in which ESIET-UAS has projected itself "to actively contribute to the construction of a knowledge society that values ​​initiative and innovation, quality and skills" are the following:

  1. Develop the professional skills of our students in their discipline of specialization
  2. Develop the transversal skills of our students in the fields of IT, languages ​​and communication
  3. Develop the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of our students
  4. Improve the quality of our teaching staff
  5. Developing our teaching methods
  6. Developing the digitization of our working methods
  7. Develop an active partnership (Win-Win) with the professional environment 
  8. Develop and diversify partnerships with foreign universities 
  9. Developing the quality of our programs and institutions through accreditation
  10. Gradually develop scientific research and publications