UAS International Cooperation

Since the creation of the UAS in 1993, its scientific committee has always considered that international cooperation is a strategic and fundamental corner stone based on two axes:

1- The establishment of scientific cooperation agreements with foreign universities:

Partner Universities
1University of Rennes 1
2University of Perpignan
3Paris Rene Descartes University
4Paris 13 University
5Cote d'Opale University
6Paris Center for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies (CEDS)
7French School of Press Officers (EFAF)
8Private Faculty of El Baha (Saudi Arabia)
9Senghor University of La Francophonie
10University of Reunion
11University of environment Paris

2- Partnership with foreign visiting professors:

An international scientific committee of UAS was created under the chairmanship of Prof. Edmond Jouve that regularly schedules visits performed by foreign teachers along the entire academic year. Some of the visits are stated below: