UAS preparatory classes

The purpose of the preparatory classes is to increase the level of knowledge of baccalaureate holders in different disciplinary fields so as to enable them to follow an engineering course.  

This multidisciplinary training allows you to acquire effective working methods as well as all the knowledge and skills expected of an engineer: capacities for analysis, reflection, written and oral expression developed both in scientific disciplines and in modern languages.

This training multiplies the forms of teaching and assessments (courses in the whole class or in groups, practical work, supervised homework and oral interrogations), thereby guaranteeing individualized follow-up and supervised work.She benefits from this a modern infrastructure and specialized laboratories and an experienced teaching staff.

In addition to the possibility to continue their studies directly at the school in the engineering specialty of their choice, the preparatory classes make it possible to pass many competitions opening the doors of the Grandes Ecoles in Tunisia and abroad.

The preparatory classes offer 4 streams:

  • Maths-Physics
  • Chemical Physics
  • Technology
  • Biology and Geology.